Economics Past and Present


Today’s Blog is about Economics. This week we have been studying the subject of Christian economic and what our economy would look like without God’s hand in our economy.

Websters 1828 definition is


ECON’OMY, n. [L. oeconomia; Gr. house, and law, rule.]

1. Primarily, the management, regulation and government of a family or the concerns of a household.2. The management of pecuniary concerns or the expenditure of money. Hence,3. A frugal and judicious use of money; that management which expends money to advantage,and incurs no waste; frugality in the necessary expenditure of money. It differs from parsimony, which implies an improper saving of expense. Economy includes also a prudent management of all the means by which property is saved or accumulated; a judicious application of time, of labor, and of the instruments of labor.                                                                                                 4. The disposition or arrangement of any work; as the economy of a poem.                                                                             5. A system of rules, regulations, rites and ceremonies; as the Jewish economy.                                                                  6. The regular operation of nature in the generation, nutrition and preservation of animals or plants; as animal economy; vegetable economy.                                                                                                                                                               7. Distribution or due order of things. 8. Judicious and frugal management of public affairs; as political economy.             9. System of management; general regulation and disposition of the affairs of a state or nation, or of any department of government.”Shortly after the American free market economy was launched under the provision of the constitution, Americans’ began to amaze the world in the way they worked, saved,invented and invested, in tools of production that multiply men’s energies and how they worked together in voluntary union to form a winning economic team.                                                               “Quoted from James Rose’ A Guild American Christian Education”In the Last week our supreme court has heard aguments to redifine marriage.

WASHINGTON — In a telling moment at Tuesday’s Supreme Courtarguments over same-sex marriage, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.suggested that he may have found a way to cast a vote in favor of the gay and lesbian couples in the case.,

“The Issue is not about about sexual orientation” they say. I would disagree redefining marriage changes everything if marriage is no longer about gender then what about any other boundery. Laws are bounderies that keep us safe. If we lose the line of delineation of marriage we continue down a slippery slope of the definition of species. The fact is our laws are based on absolutes. Once you erase the moral line of boundaries our nation we will cease to be a nation that is forefront. Our choices influence our economy! We are in serious danger already by forfeiting our companies to foreign nations and having abused our welfare to the brink. We are sliding into a abyss of moral decline and have forgotten our way. How many of us forfeit on our debt’s, file bankruptcy or have outstanding debt.  What I am trying to say is our view of family is a direct correlation to our nation it all begins with the Individual and it spreads to the nation person by person. If we accept these new definitions we will lose  the very foundation of our society. This is not a doom and gloom prediction this is the fruit of poor stewardship we must repent or perish. the natural consequences of denying the truth is moral bankruptcy.

Time on my hand’s !


What to do with it? what Should we not do with it?

As a society we treat time as if we have all we need and that it will never be a issue. This week in my philosophy class we were talking about history and the location of continents as in Great Britain, or Israel, or even Oceans like the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, one is very large and the other very small in the providence of God is it possible that he intentionally placed England where it is to stop Islam in the time of Henry the 8th. Beside his multiple marriages he is known for his contribution to the separation from the Catholic Church despite his erroneous way’s to divorce his first wife to marry a new. The fruit was the Bible being translated into modern English is that not providential and using his proclaimed enemy “John Wycliffe’s” translation to introduce to us The King James Bible which introduces as by effect liberty of the truth of the bible to the commoner. Ideas of liberty and individuality which eventually trickles down to the American revolution from the revelations of God’s holy word that people are equal and free to govern themselves is a radical idea but  what I believe is the best explanation. So was this planned by God or did God Just give men the best possible chance to discover truth by placing England  on a Island? 

So I said all that to suggest how does God influence us? We often see time as a series of event that are not governed by law’s and our western view has been influenced by Plato and Socrates through church father like Augustine and Other. To view time as past present and future we often view time as if it is possible for time to be all three in one with our time travel movies or tv shows but we know time is fixed. Suppose that God views time differently that he can see the future and the past at the same time. If He see it differently and he is the author of it then time is subjected to the law’s he places on it.  By acknowledging that there is a creator and that he is the standard we acknowledge there are absolutes and that we are can apply a standard that time for God is not different than it is for us because if it was then there would be no absolutes. if the future and the present were the same then we would be able to go back and change the past but that would influence the future. as we see in the movie back to the future. Because if time is not always the present moving forward then everything is subject to change without fixed boundaries in this case. So one growing question is how does God know the future if it is not fixed or predetermined? Or is the future open to various possibilities because there a variable yet to be? Is time a governor that the almighty uses to limit evil?

“Time has long been a major subject of study in religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields without circularity has consistently eluded scholars.[2][6][7][9][10][11] Nevertheless, diverse fields such as business, industry, sports, the sciences, and the performing arts all incorporate some notion of time into their respective measuring systems.[12][13][14] Some simple, relatively uncontroversial definitions of time include “time is what clocks measure”[6][15] and “time is what keeps everything from happening at once” quote from wikipedia.

If time has no boundaries then we would not be able to measure durations, or sing in timing with others or structure a song with a instrument.  Every thing in the world that I know of is affected by time as I experience things in time and have experienced things in time. My experiences have grown with time. So to end this blog I would say use your time wisely as it seem’s to me you have this time now but you will not be able to change it and it will influence your future.

America The Beautiful , #THEFIRSTAMENDMENT


First Amendment Protection


The Beautiful what  is your beauty  when I think of our national anthem I am struck with a teary eye and a sense of awe and then I watch a ball game and see the character of my nation in  threat of demise. The people I live around and share the the roads with are either kind people or the other guy the crook. How can you tell who is who? Jesus said you will know a tree by it fruit. Our great shepherd would say sheep don’t eat sheep. I have a desire to see America return to her former greatness, Let us return to our foundations. Here are some interesting thought about freedom. The question is where does liberty come from?

“Of the seven Principles embraced in the Principle approach to the America’s Christian history and government, probably the one that raises the most question is the fifth, which states that there is a Christian form to American civil government specifically , a Christian Constitutional Federal Republic.”

“To a considerable extent, this skepticism is the net result of a full century of secular revision of American history, which has progressively removed evidences of tangible christian influences in the shaping of this nations form of government, national, state, and local.”

In past Generations this skepticism has been much heightened by a much repeated  misinterpretation of the 1 amendment as James Rose point out in American Christian History. In the first Clause of the amendment to the constitution.

“The assertion that “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of” was intended to protect both Christianity and individual liberty of conscience by guaranteeing toleration of all religious convictions, so long as the are not subversive of civil order or society.”

My have we fallen far from the intention of the law. Constitution is another way of saying here are the ground rules we have a wonderful constitution that has served us well but if we do not interpret its original meaning we will lose in the end.

James Harrington once said ” The power that can invade Liberty of Conscience, can usurp civil Liberty.” that was in the 1611-1677 that he lived.

“This opening clause of the first amendment did not reflect Indifference to religion, a desire to hamper the Christian church, or to minimize or regulate”

Note the term Religion referred to Christianity in American Literature in the 1800’s.

“the “free exercise” of Christianity. Justice Joseph Story, Associate justice of the U.S. Supreme court for 34 years by president James Madison’s appointment, wrote  in 1833 concerning the First Amendment: “ The promulgation of the great doctrines of religion, the being, and attributes, and providence of one Almighty God; The responsibility to Him for all our actions, founded upon moral accountability; a future state of rewards and punishments; the cultivation of all the personal, social and benevolent virtues; these can never be a matter of indifference in any well ordered community. It is indeed difficult to conceive how any civilized society can well exist without them. And, at all event, it is impossible for those, who believe in the truth of Christianity, as a divine revelation , to doubt that it is especially the duty of government to foster and encourage it among all citizens and subjects. This is a point wholly distinct from that of the right  of private judgment in matters of religion, and of freedom of public worship, according to the dictated]s of one’s conscience.”

Quotes taken from The Guild to American Christian Education for the Home and School. James Rose first edition second printing 1987. Pg. 49

What the #DallasCowboys have to do with Government.


The Political force flowing from the individual to each sphere of the government is centrifugal, wherein man and his concept of God, man and government is the center or the source of power. The political power that acts upon the individuals, and appears to come from the national, state and local legislative, executive or judicial branches of government, is centripetal and a reflection of the active or passive power and force either expressly delegated or silently surrendered by each individual citizen.

Basically we are talking about team work here. when come to building community how much authority does the individual maintain or forfeit in a society? Let take the dallas cowboy for example who are having a great year NFC Champions. A feat many did not foresee but here they are. Take for example each player has something to contribute  but unless each player is contributing as a whole they are not  part of the team but playing for themselves. They consent to contribute all their energies to win as a team to win as an individual, Each player is committed to the rules of the game and each other.  The Individual give his power to the team and in turn the skill level or centrifugal force produces it inturn produce centripetal force coming back and produces a winning team.

source is my Mid term paper. The paper is about two thirds done it will be fully available in about 7 day or as soon as I get it done.

Cyber Terrorism

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Dear Reader

We live in strange times were movie companies are hacked and threatened by terrorist seem to be connected to North Korea. At least The media Says the FBI are in on it.

I am Currently attending a school in Texas we are discussing Freedom and the Education. One large change in my perspective is the value of the individual. it was in America were individuality was given wing to fly it ultimately birthed freedom from tyranny of the King of England. In 1776 we the people declared Independence. It was on this individuality that our republic was established and this value was introduced by our founding fathers. They were men who were born freemen not under a ruler other than God. Our nation was birthed from the principles of the Bible and the fruit of many nations including england to forge the Idea that was birthed here. Anation of self governed people has never been anywhere but  here in the USA. Every other nation was born of conquest and slavery. we are not perfect we have our history but it is known and we dealt with it and made atonement for our sins and God has forgiven us.

Today we are dwindling in our values and appreciation from those around the world our neighbors. We are losing stock in ourselves. We have never worried about what other think of us in regards to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but we are not behaving like the nation we once were. We are selfish in ways we never were, we are permitting character and behavior that is evil to be paraded as virtue and are persecuting any that would espouse virtue.

I say all this to lay a foundation for the Idea that Cyber crime happen because we permit it. When you go online and download information you are stealing people belongings and you would not like that to happen to you would you.

Today like never before it is real the internet can bring death and destruction  make a choice to not engage in cyber crime. Take control again of your will and don’t  view porn People are enslaved by the greed of men and the lust of the flesh. Do no harm to  another.

Do you not realize everything you do online is out there for the world to see. I do not say this for the fear of exposure but the value of your conscience you know the nagging idea that fills your mind before you commit a act of violence upon your self.

A. W. Tozer wro…

A. W. Tozer wrote ” The vague and tenuous hope that God is to kind to punish the ungodly has become a deadly opiate for the conscience of millions.”

I have often heard my God is a god of love he would never bring judgment  my question is if God is Good then How could he not bring restraint to the work of evil.

We have a dilemma in our phycological profile of the average Joe. Existential idea’s are pervasive or rampant in our thoughts and way’s we live. The very fact that our values are in decline should resuscitate your vigor or passion to chose to fight the good fight.  what evr is lovely and pure think on these thing’s. 

any feedback?